Myopia and How to Treat it

Published: 08th November 2010
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In order to correct myopia, we use refractive glasses or lenses. Glasses and lenses only help correct vision but they do not provide the cure. The cure to myopia is to train your eyes naturally and make them work the way they were meant to be. You can do the following exercises to cure myopia quickly. Remember, you have to form a habit by doing these exercises.

Rolling Your Eyes

This exercise is best when you have eye strain after sitting in front of computer or television too long. First, sit down as relax as possible. Move your eyes in circular motion at clockwise direction about 5 - 10 times. Then close your eyes and breathe gently to be in deep relaxation. The next step is to continue to do the same movement in counter clockwise for the same amount of time. Do the exercise slowly to avoid dizziness.

The Art of Palming

It works great when you feel your eyes are so tired. First, rub both of your hands for 20 seconds until your palms are warm. And then put both your palms on each of your eyes. Feel the warm sensation and gradually you will feel so relax. Repeat this workout for 3-5 times.

Near and Far Focus

You need this exercise to strengthen your eyes muscles. Put your thumb for about 20-30 cm away from your eyes. Try to look at your thumb for about 10 seconds then move your eyes to see other object which is 10 meters away behind your thumb. Repeat this exercise for 3-5 times.

Our eyes were basically made to provide accurate vision. Any eye defects could cause your death in ancient environments. Humans used their eyes to see distant places regularly in the ancient environments but we no longer do so.

We focus on things that are closer to us. We use the computer; watch TV, read books, etc. Our eyes were biologically never meant to do such things. As we grow up, we train our eyes to have distinct shorter vision. It causes are eyeballs to become too long which in turn causes myopia. Wear prescription glasses while reading, watching TV etc.

If you are working on something quite close to you like computer, book or TV then every five minutes, choose a point that is 10 meters away from you and focus on that point. Get excessive sunlight to enter your eyes. Go and hangout in the sun for at least one hour per day. Sunlight actually improves your vision.

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